The One Bedroom Condominium

Windsor Gardens' one bedroom units are just the perfect fit for a single person who wants privacy and peace without feeling like they are in a shoebox. With 750 square feet, you will have just the right amount of space to enjoy and call home.

As with all units at Windsor Gardens, you have three design styles to choose from: As-is, Basic, and Deluxe. Each style can also be customized for your taste.

The base price for the one bedroom suite is $75,900, with a modest increase for each style above it.

As-Is Basic Deluxe
$75,900 $85,900 $93,900

The condo fee for a one bedroom unit is $85 per month

Interested in purchasing the One Bedroom condominium?  Contact Cassie Wells with Crye Lieke Realty or your realtor now, or click on the contact us link above for more information.

One Bedroom
floor plan



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